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My name is Kevin Haines and I am a chiropractor located in Markham at 401 Alden rd. inside Movementum. I have special interests in rehabilitation, strength training, and working with aging individuals. I absolutely love learning, hence why education is such a big part of my practice style. With that being said, I started this blog in order to educate all individuals on what current evidence shows. The goal is to empower the readers through education so they can make informed decisions and ultimately better themselves, as well as for practitioners to stay up to date on current evidence to improve their practice.

As for a quick snippet of my education and experience, I graduated with a BSc in exercise science and went on to complete my doctor of chiropractic from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. I have worked with everyone from powerlifters to young athletes to ageing individuals with osteoarthritis and cognitive diseases.

My patients have taught me how important education is, so I wanted to be able to share that with a broader audience. I hope that you enjoy the articles and come out educated and empowered.

If you feel like working with me, you can DM me on instagram, or book an appointment by following the button below!

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